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In Houston, collective energy for the greater good

As part of the employee commitment program Action! – which gives all TotalEnergies employees the opportunity to give up to three working days a year to work on citizenship initiatives supported by TotalEnergies Foundation program - many TotalEnergies employees are helping collect and distribute meals for the Houston Food Bank in Texas, the largest food bank in the United States and a vital resource for local communities suffering from food insecurity.

In 2023, TotalEnergies in the United States was awarded the gold medal in the President’s Volunteer Service Award (a civilian decoration awarded by the President of the United States) for its 575 hours of volunteer work for the Houston Food Bank.

Like Kim, Seth and Rémy, since the Action! program was launched in 2018, over 16,000 TotalEnergies employees have already got involved in volunteer work for the greater good, worldwide.

Action! Houston Food Bank

Amy Ragan
Chief Development Officer - Houston Food Bank

Houston Food bank is the largest food bank in the United States. We cover 18 counties in southeast Texas, and our core mission is to secure surplus food, both perishable, nonperishable. We secure those donations and we distribute it out through a partner network of 1600 partners in the southeast Texas counties. 

Kim Mouton
HSSE Advisor – TotalEnergies Petrochemicals & Refining USA 

I come from a large family and we were always interested in helping out our community. So this is just another opportunity for us to give back. And I'm glad to be able to represent TotalEnergies here.

Amy Ragan

TotalEnergies has been involved with the Houston Food Bank for nine years. This year total Energy has won the gold Award for the Presidential’s Volunteer Service Award for 575 hours donated. But in total, in the nine years with the funds and the volunteer hours, TotalEnergies provided over half a million meals to people in need in our Houston community.

Seth Fowler
Environmental Specialist – TotalEnergies Petrochemicals & Refining USA 

I volunteered in the past with the Company functions that we do and like the Trash Bash, and I think it's great opportunities to make yourself available to help out.

Rémy Martin
Senior Structural Geologist – TotalEnergies E&P USA 

In France, I worked in a small food bank in my village in Jurançon, in the southwest. I wanted to join this operation. I was impressed by the staff and by the scale, compared to what I was used to in Jurançon. I’m happy to be here, this morning.

Amy Ragan

It is so important for companies like TotalEnergies to be involved with the Houston Food Bank because we can't do what we do without their sponsorship and without their volunteer hours. Having the TotalEnergies supporting the Houston community, working with the Houston Food Bank, just means that we can impact that many more people in our community who are in need.

This volunteer initiative for the Houston Food Bank was carried out as part of Action!, the TotalEnergies’ employee volunteering program.
More than 16,000 Company employees worldwide are already involved in Action!