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In 3 questions, Said Dahdah, tells us about the shared commitment to young people of GRSF (Global Road Safety Facility) and TotalEnergies Foundation.

The partners share their experience: GRSF

The partners share their experience: GRSF

Said Dahdah – Head of GRSF (Global Road Safety Facility)

Road safety is an issue that cannot be solved without partners.

What’s your commitment to youth?

Road traffic industries are the leading cause of death for the youth and for the children who are aged 5 to 29, and for us, this really makes a big impact, because it’s not only a public health, it’s economic. You are losing the most productive segment of your population, that’s the youth population. So, for us in order to achieve our mission of improving road safety, we really have to concentrate on two big segments: the youth and the vulnerables.

What’s your project with TotalEnergies Foundation?

TotalEnergies Foundation’s support was instrumental for us to support what we call the African road safety observatory, the data collection. There is lots of lack of data, and unless we get a good handle on the data, it’s very difficult to move forward the road safety agenda. So training of commercial drivers is another area where we collaborate a lot with the Foundation because it’s an area that interests both the Foundation and the World Bank Global Road Safety Facility.

Can you sum up “creating partnerships” in a few words?

Road safety is an issue that cannot be solved without partners. So it’s very important for us to make partners – there are two or three reasons: first of all we will have wider coverage, both geographically, and also in terms of the sector coverage of the network, it would be impossible for an international organization maybe to reach part of the expertise unless we build these type of multi-sectorial partnerships, and that’s why the TotalEnergies Foundation partnership is very important to us.

TotalEnergies Foundation for youth