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"Giving a new lease of life to a chateau through restoration"

Just 10km from Lyon, the city-owned Château de Lacroix-Laval, was built in the 17th century. Surrounded by French and English-style gardens, a vegetable garden and fruit trees, the site which had not been used since 2007, inspired the Michelin Star Chef, Christian Têtedoie. What does his project entail? Converting the château into an Apprentice Training Center (CFA). Every year 200 young people will be able to receive training in the professions related to gastronomy and culinary arts (cuisine, patisserie, service, etc.). Before the opening in September 2022, refurbishment and restoration work was required. The work site, supported by the French Heritage Foundation, enabled five apprentice carpenters to train in their profession. When culinary heritage gives a second lease of life to architectural heritage, while encouraging the professional integration of young people, TotalEnergies Foundation willingly backs the initiative.

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"Giving a new lease of life to a chateau through restoration"

"Giving a new lease of life to a chateau through restoration"

Château de Lacroix-Laval, Marcy L’Étoile, Rhône
From september 2022, Training Center for Gastronomy Apprentices

Corentin Rémond
Director of the Training Center for Gastronomy Apprentices

We are entirely transforming the Castle of Lacroix-Laval into an Apprentice Training Center for (CFA) with real restaurants so we can train young people in real working conditions as they begin their career history.

Christian Têtedoie
President of the Training Center for Gastronomy Apprentices

The goal of the CFA is to prepare the young ones for their future and teach them what they have to expect about being a cook, a pastry chef, a baker or a waiter in this period of time.
It’s really handing them the keys to success.

Corentin Rémond

The company "Les métiers du bois" made a structural survey and then a qualitative renovation.

Matthieu-Alexandre Durand
Apprentice in "Bac pro" Carpentry

My name is Matthieu-Alexandre Durand, I used to work in a library in the Parisian region.

I’ve always been passionate about heritage and historical monuments. I wanted a change in my life, do a training and work on our heritage.
I’ve been a carpenter apprentice for the past two years here in Lyon.

We work on windows, doors, using traditional carpentry and solid wood. One part is being restored and the other is new and manufactured but based on the original model.

The real pleasure is to work on traditional carpentry that sometimes is several centuries old. We dismantle old assemblies,and recreate those from the existing models.

It’s always a pleasure to touch History and our heritage.

Olivier Pasqual
Company manager of "Les métiers du bois"

From the start we decided to create a workshop in situ. To use our apprentices, monitored by experienced workers, directly on site.

Matthieu-Alexandre Durand

My future for now is to master the craft and the infinite variety of techniques of this craft. The rest, we will see later.