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Which country?

Berlin, Germany.


Who for?

Young Berliners aged 12 to 25.


Which action?

Since 2011, we have provided support to the kein Abseits! nonprofit organization for its education initiatives targeting young Berliners. The organization offers young people the opportunity to combine learning and after-school activities. For eight months, beneficiaries are paired with a university student who helps them organize their time and work more effectively to achieve greater autonomy. They can also participate in activities such as running, bowling, aikido and beekeeping, which build self-confidence. For the oldest among them, this sponsorship allows them to more successfully plan a career path.


What impacts?

kein Abseits! oversees an average of 68 pairs of young people and university students each year and has already allowed around 450 children to try activities that were previously inaccessible to them.

TotalEnergies Foundation works to further young people’s personal and professional fulfillment, inspiring them to learn and take action and giving them the tools to succeed and take their first steps toward independence. Our goal is to provide young people with the resources they need to become well-rounded adults and build a better future.