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Which country?

Berlin, Germany.


Who for?

Young inhabitants of Berlin’s Kreuzberg neighborhood, aged 12 to 16 years.


Which action?

Since 2009, we have partnered with the education and arts center, Gelbe Villa, to support its initiatives for young people living in Berlin’s disadvantaged Kreuzberg neighborhood. The center’s objective is to promote academic success, social inclusion and equal opportunities. Each beneficiary has access to language and reading courses, as well as creative workshops in areas including fashion, dance, cinema, theater and cooking, all free of charge. These workshops offer young people a space where they can learn, grow their talent and get advice.


What impacts?

The Gelbe Villa center provides 90 young people with the opportunity to gain self‑confidence through creative workshops and personalized support.

Young people are both the future of their regions and the key to their vitality, but today too many are still unable to realize their full potential. TotalEnergies Foundation encourages the emergence of initiatives that give young people a chance to grow and express themselves.