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What country?



Who for?

Women farmers in the Bogotá region


What action?

Emma, Lucie, Maria and Rosalba grow fruit and vegetables, make yogurt and jam and raise a few animals in the Bogotá region of Colombia. Thanks to Proyectar Sin Fronteras, they were able to attend agroecology workshops, obtain certification and develop a farming activity, either in their backyard, in a community greenhouse or an urban garden. They also have access to a marketing channel. The international organization seeks to reduce economic vulnerability in developing countries through the implementation of sustainable projects.

Its Sembrando Confianza project in Colombia is one of the winners of the 2021 International Prize awarded by Fondation la France s’engage (FFE), which supports the development of innovative initiatives championed by players from the social economy. TotalEnergies Foundation was the first private stakeholder to get behind the FFE program when it was launched by the French government in 2014.


What impact?

Through its encouragement of sustainable farming, short food supply chains and responsible, healthy consumption, Proyectar Sin Fronteras enables women to acquire skills, become more financially independent and take on decision-making responsibilities. The project delivers positive social, economic and environmental impact all at once.