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What country?



Who for?

Young people aged between 16 and 30


What action?

Some 58% of high school students on work-study programs leave school early, with no qualifications. After secondary education, young people can often find themselves alone and disheartened, at home or even on the streets. They may not have the right qualifications or skills to find a job that suits them, or may be discriminated against because of their origin. Many young NEETs (Not in Employment, Education or Training) have a lot of trouble finding their place in society. 

Since 2017, TotalEnergies has partnered with nonprofit YouthStart and its short, intensive training program which, over eight days, aims to give young people a positive outlook on their background and future. The instructors help the participants gain confidence and develop an entrepreneurial spirit as they build a career plan based on their interests and talents, one that harnesses their full potential and empowers them to take back control over their lives. 

Each session is organized for a group of 10 to 15 young people. At the end of the eight days, the participants present their plans for the future to a panel made up of TotalEnergies employees, for example, along with members of the nonprofit and local stakeholders, to qualify for a certificate. The nonprofit then steers the young people toward specialized partners to take them a step further as they search for the right job, decide on a study program or set themselves up as self-employed. 


What impacts?

YouthStart assists on average 814 young people per year. Since its creation, it has helped nearly 10,000 youths become protagonists of their own lives, including 265 with support from TotalEnergies.


Jules, Younes, Ragna, Thibaut and Gilles after presenting to the panel during the October 7 session at the Antwerp complex.