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What country?


Who for?

Young people aged 12 to 18 at the provincial secondary education center in Añelo, Neuquén Province, and the Antártida Argentina junior high school in Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego Province.

What action?

In Argentina, early school leaving is at an alarming level. One in two junior high schoolers drop out before completing their diploma, which they need to continue their education. The situation has gotten worse as a result of the health crisis, with young people from very disadvantaged backgrounds often having no choice but to find a job to support their families.

The Fundación Cimientos’ “Futuros Egresados” program was set up in 2012 in Añelo and 2019 in Rio Grande. With support from Total Austral throughout the program, the young participants can become the first in their families to go on to further education, mainly thanks to grants that help reduce the financial pressure. This means they can gain general knowledge that will serve them well later on. The young people also benefit from personalized support to help them make informed career choices, set goals and develop the necessary soft skills to enter the world of work.

Thanks to these initiatives, “Futuros Egresados” is able to make a real impact in reducing absenteeism and early school leaving. The results show that young people involved in the program stay in school for longer, and are increasingly likely to get their diploma. Brisa Miranda, a student in Rio Grande who has benefited from a grant, is a perfect example: “My goal now is to choose a profession and continue my education. I’m going to do that by finding out more about the different subjects, visiting the university and meeting students on various courses. That will help me make the right decision.

What impact?

Some 89 young people have taken part in the program since 2012, and 45 of them have completed their diploma.