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What country?



Who for?

Young people aged 18 to 35


What actions?

Like thousands of young adults, Abdelkader, Youssef and Hassan live in Adrar, Tamanrasset and other towns in the Sahara, 1,500 kilometers or more from Algiers. They were not able to attend high school and are now unemployed.

In 2007, to help them become independent, the TotalEnergies Algeria affiliate set up a partnership with local youth employment foundation DEMJ. Its “Learn a Trade” program offers vocational training to young people with no qualifications.

The trainees are provided with free dormitory accommodation. They can train as mechanics, welders, electricians or plumbers – trades that are hiring or that will allow them to start their own business. Trainees spend 20% of their time on theory and 80% on hands-on practical exercises in a fully equipped workshop, under the supervision of experienced teachers.

The program focuses on short (about 3 weeks) and practical training courses, offered at three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. In 2020, a new course, “Hydro and Solar PV”, was introduced to help Algeria meet both its economic and its environmental challenges using renewable energy.

Since all of the current trainees are men and young women’s independence is important too in Algeria, DEMJ is developing a women’s training program on electrical wiring, plumbing and bricklaying.


What impact?

Between 2011 and 2021: 4,100 beneficiaries, representing around 400 young people a year.
At the end of the training, one in two young people enters the workforce. Others undertake additional training to further develop or broaden their skills.