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Africa2020: An Ambitious Educational Aspect

One of the reasons that the TotalEnergies Foundation, which focuses its actions primarily on young people, chose to support the Africa2020 Season is because of the event’s educational aspect. An agreement was therefore signed with UNESCO to provide France’s Ministry of Education and French teachers with educational tools from the General History of Africa, a monumental project offering an African perspective on the history of the continent.

Additionally, in partnership with France’s Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, 350 certified educational projects were carried out across the country in educational institutions from kindergarten to higher education. These initiatives were created jointly by schools and African professionals, and included writing workshops in Tours, the creation of a radio show with Burkinabe students in Nancy, a meal with Ivorian chefs in Champigny-sur-Marne and workshops led by African creators at Science Po Reims. The aim was to tell Africa’s story and show young people all that the continent has to offer in terms of culture, politics and ideas.

Finally, a mentoring program was set up in partnership with the French Development Agency and France Volontaires. It enabled 11 young African volunteers to do their civil service in France in one of the partner structures, to help co-construct projects.

The transmission of knowledge about Africa to young people, who are drivers of change, is essential in breaking down prejudices and laying the foundations for a renewed relationship between France and the African nations, so that together they can rise to the challenges of the 21st century.